30+ Best Creative Small Kitchen Design And Organization Ideas

Best Creative Small Kitchen Design And Organization Ideas witj wood floring

Having a large kitchen complete with utensils is everyone’s dream. A great kitchen gives more than enough space for you to cook and put all your cooking utensils. However, not everyone has a large kitchen in their house. Many modern houses or apartments are equipped with a fairly small kitchen.

A good planning kitchen can definitely enhance the cooking experience and instill an inviting persona into the heart of your home. A small kitchen design with good and comfortable placement, can turn your cooking room into a friendly place to eat and chat in addition to preparing meals.

The main concern when drawing a kitchen lay out is to make the kitchen airy, well lit and spacious. Everyone wants a spacious and bright cooking room that unfortunately is not always possible due to space limitations. But, with some tips you can easily get the kitchen design that you dream of and make a small kitchen feel more spacious and wide. Here are a few simple small kitchen design tips that will help you to make the most of the space available.

Wall Paint Color for Small Kitchen

With bright colors, it can give the illusion of a larger space. You can also combine some bright colors to create a particular mood. Cheerful colors like yellow, white, aquamarine, or baby pink will give a bold statement to the small space.

Small Kitchen Lighting

With enough lighting, it will make your small kitchen room feel more spacious. You can let your windows without curtains to be able to let more natural light. You can install the Mini Blind with a narrow blade so you can cover the window at night or when there is no person at home. If your kitchen does not have a large enough window, you can add lighting under the cabinet or under the table to help create the illusion of more space.

Take Advantage of the Wall for Kitchenware Storage

You can make use of your kitchen walls to hang the open shelves if you don’t have enough space to be in your kitchen. The open shelves are great for seasoning storage, cookware, cutlery and others. You can also hang cloth pockets behind your kitchen door to store small objects such as aluminium foil, paper bags, or napkins.

Compact Kitchen Equipment Selection

Today’s kitchen appliances come in a variety of designs and sizes. Manufacturers have come up with space saving equipment to make the kitchenette design easier. Smaller appliances such as microwaves can be hung under the closet to save space.

This is the only basic small kitchen design idea. You can follow these tips and use your own creativity to make your small kitchen look spacious and attractive. And you can see some examples of Best Creative Small Kitchen Design And Organization Ideas. Good luck!


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